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When the snow starts to fly—or, before it does—you should really have winter tires on your vehicle. But why are winter tires so important? And what are the best winter tires for your car and your driving style?

If you have been searching, “winter tires near Old East Village, ON”, “are all-weathers winter tires?”, “what are the best winter tires for sale?”, or something similar, we can help. At Quarrie Tire and Auto, we are tire experts. Here’s what you should know about winter tires.

“Can I buy winter tires near me in Old East Village, Ontario?”

You can buy winter tires in Old East Village, and it is really easy. Just come to Quarrie Tire and Auto. We have a wide range of winter tires available. Our experts can recommend the type of winter tire they think might be best for you. But why do we even need special tires just for winter?

The importance of winter tires

Many Canadian drivers try to get away with driving on all-season tires throughout winter. At Quarrie Tire and Auto, we strongly advise against this. This is because, despite their name, all-season tires aren’t actually suitable for driving in all seasons.

Many people call winter tires “snow tires”, but this is a bit of a misnomer. Winter tires can handle snow, yes, but more importantly, they can handle cold weather. All-season tires can’t grip the road properly once the temperature drops below seven degrees celsius.

In Old East Village, the average daily high in November is just over seven degrees. This means most of the time in November, and for much of late October, the temperature is below seven. This means even autumnal weather is enough to impede the efficacy of all-season and summer tires in Old East Village. That’s why it is critical to switch to winter tires in fall to ensure your safety.

Winter tire treads and tire designs

Winter tires are built different. Tire manufacturers make winter tires out of different rubber compounds and utilize special tread patterns, designs, and siping. These qualities combine to offer traction even in extreme cold.

When buying winter tires, consider if your vehicle is front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, or four-wheel drive. This can affect which tire is best for your vehicle. The tire experts at Quarrie Tire and Auto can recommend the best winter tires for your vehicle and driving style.

What about all-weather tires?

Are all-weather tires just as good as winter tires? Yes, they are a close match.  All-weather tires are not the same as all-seasons. All-weathers have the snowflake pictogram on them, meaning they’re rated for winter driving in Canada.

Winter tire options near you in Old East Village, ON

If you come to Quarrie Tire and Auto, you will have access to all the best winter tires on the market. We have a wide range of tire brands for sale, including numerous winter and all-weather tires.

Come to Quarrie Tire and Auto to buy winter tires in Old East Village, ON

You don’t need to keep searching for the best winter tires near you in Old East Village, Ontario. Just come to Quarrie Tire and Auto. We can sell you the best winter tires for your needs.

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