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Continental Tires Near Me in Old East Village, ON

If you’re looking for a Continental Tire sale near you in Old East Village, Ontario, you should come to Quarrie’s Tire & Auto. We have a range of different Continental Tires for sale that are great for different vehicles and different weather conditions.

Continental tires carry on the fine automotive tradition of great German engineering. They are renowned the world over for reliability, stability, and comfort. Continental offers drivers the control and the ability to stop rapidly when needed.

What’s so special about a Continental Tire sale?

Continental has long been successful in designing and manufacturing tires. How successful? They’re actually the fourth largest tire manufacturer in the world! Continental has consistently endeavoured to advance their manufacturing and delivery systems and they have always been key innovators in the field of tire technology.

A notable example of this is their ContiSeal™ product which is injected into tires to prevent punctures. Continental also innovated the SSR system, which is a runflat technology established specially for low section tires, which keeps the tires compatible with all standard rims.

Continental also has close relationships with high profile auto manufacturers, including Audi and BMW, two brands that know the value of performance and engineering. Continental also offers a comprehensive warranty, including tire replacement for up to 72 months. This demonstrates how much they stand by their work.

Are there Continental Tires near me?

If you’re searching for Continental Tires near Old East Village, Ontario, Quarrie’s Tire & Auto has a range of Continental products for sale. We have Continental Tires for summerdriving, winter driving, and all-season fitments. Their passenger, SUV, and CUV, product range offers a wide range of tire sizing to accommodate the majority of consumers.

Perhaps best of all, Continental stands by their tires. They offer a Total Confidence Plan to give their customers peace of mind.With every set of Continental Tires you purchase, you receive:

Road Hazard Warranty

If your Continental Tires become damaged within your first year of owning them, Continental will provide a comparable replacement, free of charge! So, if you hit a pothole, curb, or anything else that damages your tire in the first year, you are 100% covered.

Emergency Roadside Service

You don’t have to worry about flat tires with Continental. They will provide a change or free towing up to 250 kilometres at no charge. To qualify after purchase, you have to register your vehicle here.If you run into trouble, just call their 24/7 call centre and they will help you anywhere in Canada and United States (including Puerto Rico).

Customer Satisfaction Trial

You don’t have to worry about buyer’s remorse with Continentals. If you’re unhappy with your tires, you can return them within the first two months. Continental will provide you will a comparable replacement.

Limited Warranty

Every Continental tire is covered for 72 months from the manufacture date for any product quality issues.

Continental Tires for Sale Near You in Old East Village, ON

Don’t let a Continental Tire sale pass you by. Quarrie’s Tire & Auto sells a range of Continental tires in Old East Village, ON. To book an appointment for installation or service of your Continental tires, please click here. To learn more about our other services and products, please visit our website or call 519-452-1780.

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